Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who are resistance bands intended for?
Answer: The kit is intended for anybody looking to put on muscle, increase strength, or recover from an injury from the comfort of their home. Unlike weights, resistance bands don’t rely on gravity to provide resistance—making them suitable for people of any age, gender and fitness level.

Question: Are they safe to use/can they snap?
Answer: We have 10+ years of experience manufacturing resistance bands and safety has always been our highest priority. For that reason, all of our kits are tried and tested to ensure they operate in a completely safe manner. Our resistance bands are made with extra thick high-grade silicon that will not dry out, deform, or snap; that’s our promise!

Question: Can they be used by men and women?
Answer: Yes, the resistance bands are compatible for both men and women including elderly people and young adults. The kit comes with a variety of weights to accommodate your needs and fitness level.

Question: Are they easy to use and set up?
Answer: The resistance bands are extremely easy to use. The kit includes all the accessories you will ever need for your exercises. Just choose your desired exercise, set up accordingly, and start your workout.

Question: How do they hook to the door?
Answer: It is not a hook. It is a strap with a small ball on the inside of one end- this goes on the opposite side of the door you are on. The strap is held between the door and the door frame- with the door closed. The other side has a loop which is where you attach the bands.

Question: Can they be used for stretching?
Answer: Resistance bands can be used to provide upper body pain relief through some powerful stretching moves. With the help of rubber bands, you’ll be able to gently elongate your limbs and release any muscular tension.

Question: Can I use them for assistance in lifting weights?
Answer: Resistance bands can also assist your progress with difficult exercises. For example, for those wanting to get better at pull-ups, simply attach the resistance band to the bar and either under your knee or foot to work your way up to an unassisted version. As you perform the pull-up with the band, your weight is supported by the band, making the exercise more accessible.
Question: Are there videos of workouts I can follow?
Answer: While we can't link directly to any specific material, we recommend searching on Google for "Resistance band training". There should be several videos and articles that should cater to different needs and experience levels. We generally recommend starting with the WikiHow article, as this breaks it down to step by step instructions along with videos. We’ve also included a list of some basic exercises below.
Question: Will they help me tone down and lose fat?
Answer: Even though resistance training won’t burn as many calories at once as aerobic exercise, it still has weight loss benefits. When you build muscle tone, your body’s metabolism receives a significant boost. This is because muscle tone at rest burns many more calories than fat at rest. So if your body has a lower fat percentage, it will burn a higher rate of resting calories. Once you lose weight, several studies have shown that you’ll also have an easier time keeping it off if you practice resistance training two or three times a week.
Question: I am plus size; will this work for me?
Answer: Doesn’t matter if you are a plus size or a petite size. The ropes are rubber so they stretch. If you have never lifted weights this is a great set to begin a weight lifting regimen. Great for traveling!! Easy to pack and lightweight.
Question: Can I travel with them?
Answer: These bands make the perfect companion to those wanting to exercise when traveling. They are extremely lightweight and can easily be stashed in your suitcase or hand luggage.
Question: Is the bag waterproof?
Answer: No, the bag is not water proof. Being of a synthetic material, it's probably water-resistant for splashes. But if it were lying in water it would get wet inside. If it were submerged, it would definitely get wet inside since the drawstring doesn't close the bag enough to seal it.
Question: How long are the resistance bands?
Answer: The length of the resistance bands is approximately 42" inches long; a total of 44" if you measure to the end of the hooks where you snap on the handles.
Question: Can I find them anywhere else?
Answer: StayFit specializes in providing nothing but premium strength and resistance training kits. Our design is patented, and we’ve been making it or years. You might find similar knock off products elsewhere in the market, but those products simply haven’t gone through the rigorous testing we put ours through and will likely deteriorate after a few uses.