Resistance band training and weights both offer viable strength training options, however; Training with resistance bands comes with numerous advantages. Here is a breakdown of all the advantages of resistance bands over weights, followed by a detailed table summary.

  • Easy To Travel With: Resistance bands are much easier to transport than weights. They are great for taking on vacations if you don’t want to miss your favorite workout routine. They are also much lighter -- tucking one into your suitcase won’t get you flagged at the airport for having too much weight.
  • Relatively Inexpensive: Resistance bands are one of the most cost-effective ways to get a full workout. You can get a full set of resistance bands for much less than you would pay for a weight machine, while still engaging in many of the same exercises.
  • Easy to Store: Resistance bands weigh next to nothing and barely take up any space. You need almost no storage space for them. Each band can simply be rolled up and tucked away for maximum convenience.
  • Introduces Variety: If you already love the weights or machines you work with, you might feel a resistance band is unnecessary. However, adding variety is very helpful to your workout. Your muscles become accustomed to the same types of movements, and adapt accordingly, so adding elements of variety can help you make sure you’re still challenging them.
  • Can Be Added To Existing Exercises: One of the coolest things about resistance bands is how you can add them to exercises you’re already familiar with. You can combine resistance bands with leg lifts for more of a challenge, for example, or use resistance bands to make your daily pushups truly intense.
  • Extremely Versatile:Not only can you use resistance bands in the place of weights, you can use them with This adds additional challenges of balance and coordination, for a genuinely rigorous workout.
  • Great To Use On Your Own: It’s very difficult to use advanced weights without the help of a partner. If you need to practice strength training alone, resistance bands are a great choice. You can use them safely even when you advance to the higher levels, and you won’t need to constantly depend on your workout buddy.
  • Offer More Specificity: As we discussed in our section about physical therapy, few other tools can help you isolate target muscles the way that resistance bands do. If you have a particular focus, combine contractions with the right movement and see those muscles grow in no time.

This table further breaks down the specific benefits of elastic resistance over free-weight resistance: